Medicare Advantage.


Protecting Our Seniors
Means Protecting Medicare.

Medicare Advantage plans are essential to ensuring seniors have a choice of health coverage options and can get the care they’ve earned. But many of the big insurance companies that offer Medicare Advantage plans have been found through multiple federal lawsuits, audits, and investigations to have systematically overcharged seniors and taxpayers billions each year – padding their profits instead of providing care for our parents and neighbors who need it most. These abusive billing practices, estimated to cost taxpayers more than $50 billion in 2024 alone, have been extensively reported by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Reuters, The Washington Post, and Kaiser Health News, and highlighted by experts including the Independent Medicare Commission created to advise Congress.

Congress: Stop the waste and abuse – protect our seniors and their benefits.

The Biden Administration has made important changes to crack down on fraud and waste and reduce improper and inflated payments to insurers. Congress and the administration should build on this strong foundation to take additional, urgently needed action to protect seniors and taxpayers by holding insurance companies accountable.