ANI seeks to elevate policy debates with data and evidence and works to find BIPARTISAN SOLUTIONS to drive sustainable policy change at the state and federal levels.

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Transparency and
Accountability in
Higher Education

Currently more than $1.6 trillion in student loan debt is piling up for borrowers across the country. And yet car buyers have better information at their fingertips than prospective students do when making an investment in higher education.

While recent action by the Administration to cancel some student loan debt may provide needed relief to some students, the student debt crisis in America won’t end without systemic reforms including:

  • Increased transparency
  • Holding schools accountable
  • Prioritizing completion and rewarding success
Charitable Giving Reform

Ensuring that local charities have the resources needed to help communities may be easier than you think.

Currently, billions of dollars in charitable donations are not making it into the hands of local charities. Simple changes to our antiquated tax laws would get this money flowing where it can do the most good for those most in need.

What Issues Are
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  • Criminal justice
  • Energy and climate
  • Immigration
  • Democracy
  • Health care
  • Housing
  • Public finance
Criminal Justice

Criminal justice reform must be based on the values of fairness, effectiveness, and racial justice – while prioritizing community safety.

ANI’s approach seeks to improve interactions with the justice system from start to finish — policing and pretrial, probation and parole, prison reform, and reintegration. These policies include:

  • Reducing or eliminating fines and fees for individuals within the criminal justice system.
  • Automatic clearance of certain criminal records to make it easier for individuals to rejoin society.
  • Reducing unnecessary pretrial detention
Restoring Faith in

ANI supports electoral reforms to make our political systems more responsive and accountable to constituents.

These reforms include:

  • Ranked choice voting (RCV)
  • Independent redistricting
  • Open primaries
Health Care Reform

Health care in the United States is more expensive than in any other country in the world, yet the nation’s overall health doesn’t reflect that level of investment.

ANI works to improve health care delivery, lower costs, and reduce disparities in access by:

  • Lowering prescription drug prices
  • Lowering the excessive prices privately insured patients are charged
  • Ensuring Medicare’s financial sustainability
  • Improving care for people with complex care needs
  • Improving patient outcomes while reducing wasteful spending