Action Now Initiative (ANI)

is a nonpartisan organization that supports the mission of Arnold Ventures to maximize opportunity and minimize injustice through social welfare, public service, political advocacy, and social impact activities.

Arnold Ventures provides coordination, assistance, and support services in connection with the activities of Action Now Initiative. Learn more here.

Democracy reform

Democracy Reform

ANI supports electoral reforms to make our political systems more responsive and accountable to constituents. These reforms include:

  • Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)
  • Independent Redistricting
  • Open Primaries
  • Mail-in Balloting
Criminal justice reform

Criminal Justice Reform

ANI supports reforms that advance community safety and the values of fairness, effectiveness, and racial justice. ANI’s approach seeks to improve interactions with the justice system from start to finish — policing and pretrial, probation and parole, prison reform, and reintegration. These policies include:

  • Reducing or eliminating fines and fees for individuals within the criminal justice system
  • Automatic clearance of certain criminal records to make it easier for individuals to rejoin society
  • Reducing pretrial detention and ending money bail
  • Systemic reforms to make justice system actors — including police, corrections officials, and prosecutors — more accountable and transparent
  • Reducing the size and scope of the criminal justice system while protecting public safety
Health care reform

Health Care Reform

ANI supports efforts to improve health care delivery, lower costs, and reduce disparities in health care access. ANI’s approach focuses on lowering health care spending and out-of-pocket costs for consumers while ensuring access to high-quality care. ANI’s initiatives include:

  • Ending surprise medical billing
  • Reducing excessive pricing for hospital and physician services
  • Reducing the cost of prescription drugs